Hi, I’m Tashmyra, Head Instructor at Earth Track Education and I’d like to welcome you to our Introductory Online Course.

We recommend this 7 day course for all potential students of our Youth, Teen, High School, College and Family Programs. After completing the introductory course you will have a better understanding of our philosophy, programs and teaching and mentoring style and will have taken the first steps on your Earth Track learning journey.

Our programs are all about being outside and learning from the natural world, traditional Elders, wilderness guides and skills practitioners. So why are we starting you with an online course?!

I would like you to think of your computer as a communication portal, allowing you to listen to the words and stories of Elders and Mentors from around the world. Through this same medium, you can tell your stories and experiences to the Earth Track Community. When you sit at your computer, make yourself comfortable and imagine you are sitting in a circle with the Earth Track community around this modern day fire. Even better, follow this course with friends and family so you can bring the learning and experiences into your home community. Allow yourself to be inspired and to dream, as we encourage you to go outside where the real learning will happen.

At the end of this 7 day course, we hope that you will choose to join us at one of our camps where we can truly connect and your learning journey with us can continue and flourish.

For this 7 day course, you will need a journal or some blank paper, a pencil and a compass (if you have one). If you don’t have a compass you will be fine without.

In the following video, Earth Track Education Director, David Krieger will give you a taste of what is to come in this course and at the camp and expedition programs.

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